Areas of expertise

The practise areas of our firm include:

Corporate Litigation

Our office conducts legal proceedings and advises on all the disputes that occur in business with regard to the implementation of business contracts. read more »

Labor law

Within the wide range of matters governed by labour law we specialise in the law relating to dismissal, i.e. cases in which parties can no longer get on with each other. Trouble on the shop floor is harmful to both the employee and the employer. You want to find out as quickly as possible how to deal with this. read more »

Commercial litigation

Our office assists companies and individuals in cases in which the FIOD-ECD (Fiscal Information and Investigation Service – Economic Investigation Service) is involved. Not just during the first few hours after the raid or the arrest but also in any subsequent criminal proceedings relating to tax or customs duties. We also provide assistance in confiscation procedure (confiscation legislation) and we advise in the field of ‘voluntary self-disclosure’. read more »