Commercial litigation

Our firm conducts legal proceedings and advises on all the disputes that occur in business with regard to the implementation of business contracts. These include disputes about sales contracts, building contracts, agency and distribution agreements, mergers and acquisitions, (bank) guarantees and general conditions.In trading practices in particular it is important that a lawyer should look over the shoulder of a company. Where you choose to do the negotiating yourself we can advise you from the background. We also draw up commercial contracts to limit your liability, such as general conditions, guarantee clauses and exoneration clauses.

The liability of legal entities and directors, is also part of our scope. And we have a great deal of experience in the field of contractors’ ultimate responsibility for payment of taxes and social security contributions.

We also provide assistance in shareholder disputes and disputes about the termination of partnerships.Seizure law and execution is also part of our expertise. Through prejudgement attachment we avoid a situation in which you later miss out. We also implement execution proceedings, for example disputes about mortgage rights and rights of pledge and the execution of court decisions. Finally we support companies from start to finish in the collection of outstanding invoices (debt collection). The options include price agreements that are in part dependent on the result.