Labor Law

Within the wide range of matters governed by labour law we specialise in the law relating to dismissal, i.e. cases in which parties can no longer get on with each other. Trouble on the shop floor is harmful to both the employee and the employer. You want to find out as quickly as possible how to deal with this.

It is helpful if we advise you on the eve of a dispute about the chances and the approach. We can do this directly, or in the background. What is crucial is that you are not met with surprises. With a well-composed dossier you will have a strong case in court.

We assist both employers and employees in all kinds of termination procedures. The dissolution procedure is the main example. The amount of compensation is what we fight for.

If necessary we do not shirk from forcing a breakthrough in ongoing or deadlocked proceedings. Via summary proceedings you will, for example, obtain a judgement about a non-competition clause, continued payment of pay or reemployment, while at the same time a decision will often be made about the method of termination.

Together with you we decide on the tactics. When to settle and when to (continue to) take legal action. This may differ from one moment to the next. The range of judgements made by the different local judges also plays a role.

We always give you a balanced picture of the risks of the legal proceedings and at the same time we make an estimate of the costs. You will ultimately be satisfied with the final result.

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