Huib van Hapert

Huib van Hapert is co-founder and partner of law firm Punt & Van Hapert Advocaten. He is a graduate of the Universities of Maastricht and Turin, and trained as an lawyer (barrister) with Van Diepen Van der Kroef Advocaten. He is an outstanding litigator, with over 20 years’ expertise in court advocacy. Van Hapert works in the areas of dismissal from employment (on behalf of both the company and the higher-level employee); in private and family law (on behalf of either the male or female partner with a business interest); and in areas of building law (for construction companies, and their clients, including owners’ associations).

A feature of Van Hapert’s work is his willingness to take on clients whom other law firms would have written off as having exhausted all their legal remedies. With his creative spirit and a fresh impetus, he is able to breathe new life into their cases. For example, he might lodge an appeal based on as yet untested arguments, or commence interim relief proceedings.

Client satisfaction is fundamental. Sometimes a case is won in court with a favourable judgment; at other times success is measured by reaching a settlement favourable to the client. His additional training in coaching and mediation skills (NOBCO and Module 1 certificates, respectively) enable Van Hapert more often than others to set the direction that the resolution of a dispute will take. The long-term interests of the client are always a vital consideration.

Working in the past for Moszkowicz Advocaten, Van Hapert became adept at handling ‘celebrity’ cases that generated a lot of publicity. While working for another firm specialised in employment law, he learned to assist his clients in terms of the commercial-law aspects of their case. At that time, he represented employees who had been fired from their jobs on a ‘no cure, no pay’ basis. He is always willing to negotiate payment terms with clients that depart from the standard ‘charge by the hour’.

Van Hapert is a lawyer in both head and heart. His passion and enthusiasm mean that his name is often in the public and professional eye, thanks to his professional publications (for example, Praktijkboek Ontslagrecht, a casebook on dismissal law); references to his advocacy (JAR, RAR journals, and; and coverage in the media (television, books, newspapers and magazines).

Van Hapert is a lawyer able to identify the crux of any matter, and to explain it clearly and compellingly. He is fluent in Dutch, Italian and English, and is now learning Farsi.